Video Training: Service Module

Manages interaction between service representatives and customers. It enables you to enter and maintain information about service contracts, items and serial numbers, customer complaints and inquiries, as well as perform numerous related functions. Each time a customer reports a problem, you log it in by opening a service call.

Running the Open Items List Report

There is a pre-built report for finding all open documents in your system in one handy area. There is a drop down list to select the document you need to find and it will display everything open for that document.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Setting Up a Service Contract Manually

You can setup your system to automatically create and issue service contracts. In this video we will walk you through performing service contract creation the manual way. It is important to know in case you need to make a correction…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Service Contract Templates

Service contract templates are a way to setup the basic information to base service contracts upon. Setting these up are must if you are planning on automatically creating service contracts.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Service Call Solution Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a must for any ticket or service organization. If you are using the service module to run service calls through SAP Business One then you can record the solutions to your most common problems. This will…

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Customer Equipment Cards Overview

Customer equipment cards hold all the pertinent information about a piece of equipment that you are servicing. This is a big part of the Service module in SAP Business One.…

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Service Call Overview

The service call is the marketing document central to the service module in SAP Business One. This video will walk you through the basics.…

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