Video Training: Production Module

Enables you to handle bills of material and production orders.

Production – Creating a Production Order from a Sales Document

SAP Business One allows you to create a production order directly from a sales marketing document! Watch this training video to find out how. Concepts covered: Creating a production order from a sales order. Made to order items put into…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Production – Closing a Production Order

This is a short video on things to remember before you close a production order and how to close it. Concepts covered: Things to remember when closing a production order. Closing a production order. Production order journal entries.…

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Running the Open Items List Report

There is a pre-built report for finding all open documents in your system in one handy area. There is a drop down list to select the document you need to find and it will display everything open for that document.…

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Production – Bill of Materials

The bill of materials is like a recipe for a production order. Find out how to set them up for production.…

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Production – Production Orders

Production orders are the main part of the production process. This is where you put together what you need and what you are producing. Bring all the elements of production together on this one marketing document.…

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Production – Issue for Production

This video describes how you would issue components to multiple production orders. It's a centralized way to get part of the production process done.…

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