Video Training: Financials Module

Manages all your accounting data and chart of accounts, general ledger, current accounting posting, and reporting. In addition, you can define budgets and profit centers for better management of company revenues and expenses.

Running the Open Items List Report

There is a pre-built report for finding all open documents in your system in one handy area. There is a drop down list to select the document you need to find and it will display everything open for that document.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Managing Credit and Commitment Limits

Credit and commitment limits are two fields that can pop up warnings to your employee's to let them know there might be issues with a business partner account.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Journal Vouchers

Consider journal vouchers as a system for draft documents. This allows you to input a journal entry that isn't quite ready to go in as a permanent entry yet. Great for a peer or managerial review process.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Credit Memo Overview

Credit memos are an accounting function that credits a business partners account. This marketing document will make the appropriate journal entries and return items into inventory.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Journal Entry Posting Templates

Make your finance department more efficient by using journal entry posting templates. These are very handy if you have a large number of transactions that happen nearly the same way on a regular basis. Setup templates to input them into…

Posted by: Peter Canale