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Reasons for Incorporating The Delivery Document

During our implementation process, there was significant push back about the incorporation of the delivery document. No matter how I communicated its value, the warehouse team simply viewed it as an extra step in the fulfillment process. To them, the delivery document was a waste of time and I was the guy wasting it.

Fast-forward a few months and reality was far from the above. It became clear that the lack of a delivery document was a significant weakness in our old system. Today, the delivery document is unanimously viewed as a critical step in the operational workflow of not just the warehouse, but the entire organization.

Let's examine the primary reasons for incorporating the delivery document by looking at the way things used to be…

The Old Way

Before moving to SAP Business One our sales process consisted of three documents: a sales quote, a sales order and an invoice. Upon adding a new sales order, two copies of the document would print. One was used for invoicing and the other was used as both a pick and packing list.


  • Few steps in the workflow
  • It worked for years (if it ain't broke don't fix it!)


  • Inaccurate inventory - items were not removed from the warehouse until an invoice was created
  • Reliance on paper
  • Lack of data in the system for reporting purposes
  • Confusion among departments about the status of transactions

The New Way

Incorporating the delivery document was a definitive step forward. Productivity and efficiency increased in the warehouse. Today, inventory is rarely off and the accounts receivable department invoices directly from system data, not paper. What was once perceived as weakness has revealed itself as strength.


  • Accurate inventory - items are removed from the warehouse when they physically leave the warehouse
  • Reliance on a system creates less mistakes
  • Fulfillment data to track and improve warehouse operations
  • Transparent transaction data for all departments eliminates confusion


  • One extra step in the fulfillment process

Bottom Line

Should you incorporate the delivery document in to your SAP Business One workflow? Yes.

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