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Sales Employee & Buyer vs. Document Owner

The sales employee/buyer and document owner are two fields in SAP Business One designed to allow a company to track sales and purchasing metrics. The sales employee is for sales process marketing documents. The buyer is for purchasing process marketing documents. The document owner is on every marketing document.

Sales Employee / Buyer

Sales Analysis Report
Sales Analysis Report

In SAP Business One you define sales employees and buyers in the administration module. In the setup you attach a SAP user name to the sales employee/buyer. When this username is logged in everything that uses the sales employee/buyer field will be populated with this users attached sales employee/buyer name.

The main two advantages of setting up sales employee/buyers are:

  • Ability to generate a sales analysis and purchasing analysis reports by the sales employee / buyer.
  • Reporting on the sales/purchasing volume achieved by each sales employee/buyer.

Setting up sales employees also has consequences to be aware of. Any new business partners entered will have the logged in users sales employee name attached to it on the business partner master card. For example if some of your salespeople are more of the "order taker" variety, you may not want their names attached to a new business partner.

This may or may not be the desired result so be aware of this default behavior. A customization may be necessary to blank it out if your business does not automatically assign sales territory by who enters the business partner into the system.

Document Owner

Buyer and Document Owner
Buyer and Document Owner

The document owner is a visible field that tracks who did what on in the SAP Business One system. Every marketing document has a document owner. SAP Business One will automatically fill this field with the logged in user. This name can be completely different than the sales employee/buyer field. When there is a sales employee tied to a business partner, that sales employee will be listed on the sales order while the document owner will be whomever is logged in doing the work.

Simply the document owner just records who actually did the work of entering in the marketing document. If your company is interested in knowing this information and expecting it to be good data, care must be taken to ensure that every user only uses their own login information.

Final Thoughts

Using the sales employee and buyer fields in SAP Business One is a great way to track your sales and perform analysis if your company has any kind of sales organization. If you decide to just utilize the document owner that really isn't a good way to track sales unless your company is a straight phone-to-order type business.

To get these two fields behaving correctly sometimes takes a bit of customization and finesse. Each business is different and has different requirements for tracking sales. SAP Business One can accommodate this using formatted search.

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  • Kris Waranoski

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a report to see the sales employee and the document owner on the same report.