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Running An Accounts Receivable Aging Report

The aging report is a critical analytical tool in any business. It helps measure the financial health of your companies customers. In SAP Business One this is a very easy report to run with straightforward selection criteria. If your aging report is showing that receivables are being collected slower than normal it could be a warning sign that business is slowing down or your company is exposed to too much risk.

Aging Report Selection Criteria
Aging Report Selection Criteria

Let's get started building our report. Navigate on the main menu to Business Partners -> Business Partner Reports -> Aging -> Customer Receivables Aging. You can find this report in the report module as well. You will be presented with the selection criteria window for the aging report. Keep in mind that every time you run this report it will save your settings for the next time you run it. There are two key areas of the criteria for the aging report, selecting the customers that will appear on the report and the aging report segments.

To select your customers you will need to provide a range of customer numbers or leave the range blank for all customers. Another option for selecting customers is to select by customer group or business partner properties. The properties are set on the Properties tab in the Business Partner Master Data. These options make it very easy to get subsets of customers on your report.

Secondly, you will want to select the aging date. This is the date the report uses to age the receivables. It defaults to today's date so if you want to run a report showing future aging, be sure to indicate that.

Select the aging interval which by default is 30/60/90/120. Those are pretty standard intervals but feel free to change them. You can also select date ranges to include the date properties of documents if you need.

At the bottom of the form, you'll see a few minor options like Ignore Future Remit and Display Customers with Zero Balance. Make your selections.

Customer Receivables Aging Report
Customer Receivables Aging Report

To run the aging report after setting up the criteria, click the OK button. Notice on the bottom right of the report you see options to roll up the report to show just the balances. Expand All will show A/R Invoice level detail which you can drill down into for more information.

Notice in my system, our aging report is looking pretty bad. All our customers are showing 121+ days late. Thankfully its just a test company with old test data. Whew!

As always, to re-run the report with different criteria you can hit the blue circle back button on the report to re-enter your selection criteria. You may export the aging report to any SAP Business One formats or print it.

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