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Purchase Request Marketing Document – Purchasing Process

The  purchase request document in SAP Business One can be used as the preliminary step in the entire purchasing process. It allows users to initiate the purchasing process by submitting their needs. When the purchase request lands in the purchasing department they can copy it to a purchase quotation or order.

In our business, salespeople do much of the leg work sourcing product from the vendor or have suggestions about inventory. Sometimes an organization just needs a product to demonstrate to a customer without sales demand. If your business deals in made to order products or relies on drop shipping this document can play an integral part of your purchasing workflow.

Creating a Purchase Request

Navigate to Purchasing -> Purchase Request on the main menu. This will bring up the purchase request marketing document form. It is a straightforward form to fill out not much different than any other marketing document. It does have less options because this document has a very specialized role.

Purchase Request Form
Purchase Request Form

The first step is setting the required date. The required date represents the date when you need the request fulfilled. Enter your required items or services into the form matrix. Input the desired quantity and the unit price and any other row details you require.

Adding items to the purchase request will populate the vendor field with the item's "Preferred Vendor". The preferred vendor is held on the item record in the "Item Master Data". You may change the vendor on the form if your request was sourced from a different place.

A unique feature of this document will allow you to get automatic emails when the status changes. Check the box "Send E-mail if PO or GRPO is Added" and type in an email address. When this request is turned into a purchase order, SAP Business One will send an email notification to let you know that your request is on track.

With everything set, you may now add the document and submit it to the purchasing department for processing.

Responding to Submitted Purchase Requests

You can setup approval workflows or alerts to notify your purchasing department when there is new purchase requests to be processed. We are going to walk through the process manually by using a stock report called the "Purchase Request Report".

Navigate to Purchasing - A/P -> Purchasing Reports -> Purchase Request Report on the main menu. Tick the box for "Display Open Purchase Requests Only" and leave the default settings for everything else. You will see a screen with all the outstanding purchase requests.

Purchase Request Report
Purchase Request Report

From this screen you can create purchase requests or purchase orders by using the "Create" button in the lower right hand part of the window. When you select the item on the report by checking the box under the "Selected" column it will add those items to your automatic PO. This allows you to consolidate multiple purchase requests onto one document further down the purchasing process chain.

You may also change things like the vendor on the purchase request and the warehouse where it is coming to or from.

Once a purchase order or quotation has been created from a purchase request the request will close. The cancellation of a purchase order or quotation based on a purchase request will not reopen the purchase request. This behavior is unlike any other document in the SAP Business One system.

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