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Partial Delivery in SAP Business One

Partial delivery is a way to either allow or prevent a sales order from being delivered with a delivery document partially. If you do not set these settings each sales order may not progress to the delivery stage unless it is shipped complete.

There are two places where you can set partial delivery in SAP Business One.

  • The business partner level on the payment terms tab.
  • The sales order marketing document level on the logistics tab.

These two places to set partial delivery behave a bit differently and I will run you through the differences.

Partial Delivery on the Business Partner Level

BP Partial Delivery
BP Partial Delivery

We can set partial delivery on the business partner to signify the customers default preference. Each business partner may have their own setting depending on their needs. If you choose to set the option on the business partner level on the payment terms tab, there are two possible options.

Allow Partial Delivery on Sales Order

Setting this option will allow you to partially ship sales orders per business partner on a complete row basis. This will set all sales orders for this business partner as allowing partial delivery. The entire row must be shipped if only using this setting.

For example; if a sales order has 5 rows on it, you may copy 2 of the rows to a delivery document. If this is not set, you may only copy the entire sales order to a delivery. The entire quantity of the row must be delivered.

Allow Partial Delivery per Row

This is a per row partial delivery. It cannot be enabled on a business partner that is not set to "Allow Partial Delivery on Sales Order". With this setting, all sales orders for this business partner will allow you to deliver a partial quantity of each row.

For example; if a sales order calls for 5 printers on one row, you may ship 2 of them. Otherwise, you will have to deliver the entire row if this option is not enabled.

Partial Delivery on the Sales Order Level

Sales Order Partial Delivery
Sales Order Partial Delivery

There is only one option to set here and it is located on the logistics tab of a sales order. Consider this an override button for some of the defined business partner default settings.

Let's say for example, a customer normally would not want a partial delivery. The customer has an emergency and needs one product on a large order with many rows sent immediately before the rest of the order is ready to be delivered.

You may then select this option on the logistic tab and be allowed to ship an entire row on a sales order without changing the business partners default setting.

However, keep in mind that this setting allows you to deliver an entire row. It will not override the per row business partner setting. If you try to partially deliver quantity on a row, SAP Business One will throw an error "Order No. XXXX Cannot Be Copied Partially."

Of course, setting partial delivery on the sales order level also works the other way. If the customers default behavior is to allow partial deliveries, you can set it to prevent a partial delivery by unchecking the box on the logistics tab of a sales order.


Since we use the business partner settings to signify default customer preference, if a customer does not ever want a partial delivery, always set it at the business partner level. You may always override this setting by selecting it on the sales order level. It easier to make sure that all business partners are set to allow partial deliveries and then set the ones that require different settings individually.

Ensure that your SAP Business One users know the difference between these options and how to properly set sales orders to reflect what the customer requires.

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