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Open Items List in SAP Business One

SAP Business One has tons of useful reports and features, one such report is the "Open Items List". This is a stock report which has unique abilities to allow you quick access to documents that are open. This is good for spotting customer service issues before they become too big of a headache for your company. It is a combination report that has the status of dozens of documents which you select with a drop down list. Let's get started!

Starting the Open Items List

The open items list can be brought up from three modules in the SAP Business One system. Here are there locations:

  • Sales - A/R -> Sales Reports -> Open Items List
  • Purchasing - A/P -> Purchasing Reports -> Open Items List
  • Production -> Production Reports -> Open Items List

To bring the report just navigate to one of those modules and click the report. As we'll see you do not have to select the correct SAP B1 module because it is a combination report. You can see everything with just one screen.

Open Items List
Open Items List

As you can see, the report is a big one. Make sure you re-size your window on this report so you can see all of the useful information to the right. Notice in the upper right corner of the report you will see a drop down labeled "Open Documents". Click on it to see a complete list of available documents you can take a look at with the "Open Items List". Each document on the list will have different fields displayed on the report. Of course the golden arrows are there so you can immediately drill into a document to get more information.

The data this report shows us is only documents with a status of open. This includes documents that were partially closed, such as an invoice not fully paid or a sales order partially delivered. Closed or cancelled documents will never show up on this report. A special thing to note about the open items report is that it will save the last document type you investigated. Don't forget you can change the document type from the drop down.

Using the Open Items Report

This is one of the best ways to check up on the current situation of documents still open in the SAP Business One system. The open items list allows you to spot purchase orders that have not been received yet so you can make a call to the vendor. We can see which customers still have not paid for their orders and tracking missing items from your production orders. These are just some of the many uses of this report. I think of the open items list report as the first stop to check because it provides so much handy information, all at once.

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