Knowledge Base: Administration Module

Contains the basic system settings for currency exchange rates, system setup, and authorizations, as well as settings for online alerts, and data import/export functions.

What are SP_TransactionNotification & SP_PostTransactionNotice?

Two handy features built deep into the Microsoft SQL backend of SAP Business One are SP_TransactionNotification and SP_PostTransactionNotice. These two stored procedures have different functions depending on what you are trying to accomplish with custom SQL code. You can use them to make subtle changes in the process flow.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Commission Groups and Sales Employees

Tracking commission by sales employee in SAP Business One is simple and easy to setup! If you have a stable of sales people on your team, you know how critical it is to get this part right. With a new system your team will be watching their numbers like a hawk to make sure they're getting paid exactly what they deserve. SAP Business One makes this a snap to track commission and create reports.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Prompting for User Input in SAP Business One Queries

SAP Business One actually has some very slick functionality when it comes to queries. One of those pieces of extra SQL is prompting a user for input. It provides an excellent way to create SQL queries that anyone can use without knowledge of writing SQL query.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Business Partner Properties in BP Master Data

Business partner properties are an excellent tool to customize your SAP Business One system. They are a set of 64 open ended yes/no fields for each Business Partner. Think about what this means for your business...You can set them up to further group your business partners for reporting purposes or you can track which Business Partners have received your marketing materials, like a product catalog!

Posted by: Peter Canale

Setting Up Automatic Business Partner Numbering in SAP B1

Setting up automatic business partner numbering in SAP Business One is a snap. The process flows just like this in setting up each automatic numbering series in marketing documents and master data. Automating SAP Business One is a good idea to save time and make your data consistent.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Posting Period Status in SAP Business One

Posting periods in SAP Business One are periods of time that define your company's fiscal year. They are used in generating financial reports and segmenting your financial postings. Periods can be setup in a multitude of ways depending on your company's processes surrounding reporting and financials. Managing the posting periods in SAP B1 center around their five possible statuses.

Posted by: Peter Canale