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Matching Account Balances with Aging Reports

When running your year-end-closing reports it is common that your trial balance and your aging reports not to match initially. I frequently receive support requests claiming that something must be wrong with the system because the two balances do not match. Since they run from the same tables and SBO controls very well for data integrity I can assure you that the underlying numbers will match, you just need to remember the following:

Aging Report Selection Criteria
Correct aging report selection criteria to match Accounts Receivable.

Get Your Selection Aging Report Criteria Correct

The most critical two check boxes on your aging report selection criteria are "Display Customers with Zero Balance" and "Display Reconciled Transactions."

The purpose of displaying customers with zero balances is that by default SBO will filter OUT business partners with zero balances as of today. If this box is not checked and the BP had a balance as of the time period you are filtering for it will still be filtered out since it's deemed irrelevant in terms of customer statements since they are all paid up. This is a useful feature but not useful if you are trying to match the GL account balance to a historical time frame.

The display of reconciled transactions is similar in that if you do NOT check this box, the system will filter out transactions that are currently paid and reconciled. So even if the BP shows up properly, it might show a much lower balance if payment has already been made.

("Translate Leading Currency At Aging Date" and "Ignore Future Remit" can remain unchecked and do not typically factor into getting the correct result to match with your aging report.)

Limit The GL Accounts

Generally if you do business in multiple currencies you are going to have multiple AR / AP accounts. If this is the case then you need to use the "Control Accts" elipses button to select a sub-set of accounts with which to run the report. If you run for all accounts you will of course not be able to break them out to match the exact totals listed on the balance sheet.

Unlike some other reports you are not able to actually group by the control account, so this will not be apparent when looking at the final totals and will likely lead to overstating the balances.

Control For Currencies

Have you ever run an aging report and got a "****" balance? This means there are multiple currencies listed in the single column. Since you can't simply add $1 USD and $1 CAD (or whatever other currencies you use) it will just show the total as ****. The way to avoid this is to break out your control accounts into a single LC account and then one per FC. Remember, if you use a multi-currency account it could potentially lead to the **** balances if you performed transactions in multiple currencies in one account.

If you are planning to simply run all of your reports in LC / SC equivalent you can always use the dropdown in the upper left of the aging results to switch, but this is not always desired when working in multiple countries.

Remove BP Filtering

And lastly, make sure you do not filter for a particular BP code range or BP group in the aging report. If you happen to do this then you will not have the entire range of BPs available in your report.

With these simple tips you will be able to easily match your aging reports with your financial reports!

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