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Installing the SAP Business One Client from a Network Share

Our preferred method of keeping the SAP Business One client easily accessible is of course on a network share. Nothing beats being able to hook up a computer to the domain and get started with SAP Business One quickly. There is an issue we have found with the installation process from a network share.

Client Installation Dialogue
Client Installation Dialogue

During the Business One client installation routine, you should see a dialogue box asking for your license server name with a port of 30000. When you install the SAP Business One client from a network share, the installation program just seems to skip over this very important detail. It took some digging to find out what was happening here because we never had the opportunity to see this dialogue box, the installation just skipped it.

When you finish the seemingly normal install of the SAP Business One client and try to use it you will see a bunch of nasty errors. Everything will appear totally normal. It will ask you for the license server IP/name, it will install add-ons, but nothing will work right.

The Solution

After much troubleshooting, we have found the fix and the reason for this problem. It is not a huge workaround so feel free to continue installing the client from a network share. The convenience of always having your client install handy outweighs the simple manual configuration you must do to fix the problem.

Once you have installed the client just navigate to your file browser "windows explorer" to the following directory on your computer.

For 32-bit client installations:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One DI API\Conf

For 64-bit installations, remove the (x86) from the path.

C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One DI API\Conf

Word Wrap in Notepad.exe
Word Wrap in Notepad.exe

Find the file called b1-local-machine.xml, right click the file and select edit. This will hopefully bring the file up in Notepad.exe or some other text editor. If it hasn't opened, just open the file directly in Notepad.exe. Click the format menu in Notepad and make sure word wrap is checked.

You should very clearly see the following bit of code in the XML file:


The word localhost needs to be changed to the IP address or DNS name of your SAP Business One server. Please note that you will need full control permissions on the SAP folder (as is best practice) to be able to save the edited b1-local-machine.xml file without local administrator privileges.

That's all there is to it. As soon as that little troublesome bit of XML is fixed, the SAP Business One client should start responding as it should.

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  • jenina

    In our case, the dialog box asking for the license server appears. We introduced the IP address of the server and installation comes to the end. But when we run the application in the database selection window, there is no database appears in the list. Can we try your proposed solution? Maybe it will work.