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Easy Trick for SAP Business One Authorizations

Here is a little trick to make your life easier when trying to set SAP Business One authorizations. Authorizations require spending quite a bit of time setting correctly since there are many choices with little information out there about them. It makes sense to go-live on SAP Business One with your best attempt at setting authorizations as this can be a confusing ordeal. Of course on day one there will be massive amounts of authorization tuning that you must do.

Whenever you come across one of your users that has an authorization message it usually comes in the form of, "Hey I tried to change the warehouse on a row but I didn't have access." Of course this leaves you wading through 100's of options trying to find the correct authorization with little to go on other than a context sensitive search.

There is an easy way to find it. I suggest if at all possible to watch the user perform the task which they have no authorization. The error message that SAP Business One pops up will tell you exactly what you are looking for in the authorization section.


The word in bold on the error message "Warehouses" is exactly what you are looking for in the authorization section. Go to Administration -> System Initialization -> Authorizations -> General Authorizations and you will see a search box on the top of the window. Select the user on the left hand column you need to permit to change warehouses and type the word "Warehouses" into the search box. This will take you to the correct authorization to set.

This will help you understand how to quickly set and find authorizations to give you the confidence to go-live with a beginning, but incomplete set. If you have been using SAP Business One long enough, you might have realized this went over a familiar user question about authorization. Make sure before you set the referenced authorization that the user is trying to do the task correctly.

In this case, the user is using the golden arrow to change the warehouse on a row instead of the gray ball. Giving a user authorization to "Warehouse" permission would be essentially granting them access to create and delete warehouses. Clearly not what you intended to do, so be careful.

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  • Arnoldo Adjani

    I hate SAP authorization…It always end with a bunch of trials and errors…but thanks for the tip.

  • Ana

    my user has full authorization for the batch information, but wher he tries to consult it authorization is required, you have any sugestions?