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Commission Groups and Sales Employees

Tracking commission by sales employee in SAP Business One is simple and easy to setup! If you have a stable of sales people on your team, you know how critical it is to get this part right. With a new system your team will be watching their numbers like a hawk to make sure they're getting paid exactly what they deserve. SAP Business One makes this a snap to track commission and create reports.We have two areas that we'll need to setup correctly to be able to use this functionality so let's get started.

Setting up Commission Groups

Setting Up a New Commission Group
Setting Up a New Commission Group

Head on over to Administration -> Setup -> General -> Commission Groups on the main menu to take a look at where we setup commission groups.

Commission Groups are where you define your commission structure. These groups can be tied to a specific sales employee or multiple sales employees. You have some thinking to do about how you want to structure the commission groups. You can get very granular by creating a group for each sales employee or if you have multiple employees with the same commission percentage you can create broad groups like "High", "Medium" or "Low". This is up to you but I would recommend just creating a group for each employee - this makes it cleaner and allows for fine tuning and changes on the individual basis.

To set one up just type in a name for your commission group in the left column and give it a percentage of commission in the right column. Simple!

Sales Employees and Reports

Sales Employee with Commission Groups
Sales Employee with Commission Groups

Now we need to assign our new commission group to a sales employee. The Sales Employee/Buyers setup is in the same menu but the full structure is Administration -> Setup -> General -> Sales Employee/Buyers. Here you have your defined sales employees on the left and a place to add a commission group on the right column. Select your commission group to tie it to a sales employee. When this is done every time that sales employee is used on a marketing document - commission is being tracked.

Commission is tracked on the A/R Invoice so create one with your new sales employee and then go over to the Sales Reports to look at our commission report. Navigate on the main menu to Sales A/R -> Sales Reports -> SP Commission by Invoices in Posting Date Report. Select your sales employee and date range and you have a nice report which you can export to file on commission. You can even create your own commission report in Crystal Reports using the data to make it customized for your business.

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  • khwaja ghufran

    can we use slab based commision rate for sales employees?