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Change Log on Marketing Documents in SAP Business One

There are many times when troubleshooting customer service or procedural issues you need to know "who did what" on a marketing document or master data. This is where the change log comes in to play. The change log will show you exactly who changed a document and answers many of the important questions. It can make gathering information to solve problems much easier. We just recently discovered the change log in SAP Business One and think it is very useful!

Change Log - A Practical Example

Access the Change Log
Access the Change Log

A customer calls up your company asking why they received an extra motherboard. You look into the issue and discover the sales order had been delivered correctly! There were two motherboards on the sales order and the customer only ordered one.  You tell the customer you'll call them back after you dig into the issue. Then you remember that you can use the change log in SAP Business One to find out where to go for information.

To bring up the change log in SAP Business One, you first make sure the marketing document you need information about is up in your client. Select the tools menu from the top part of the client window and select "Change log..."

Showing Changes
Showing Changes

Now you're looking at the change log screen which will show you that Bill created the sales order and Jayson changed it on the same day. You decide quickly you'll need to talk with Jayson to find out what happened. Turns out someone else from Earthshaker Corp called Jayson and wanted to order another motherboard. Instead of adding a separate sales order Jayson just put it on the same order with the client's blessing.

Now you're able to call your customer and explain what happened very easily. SAP Business One makes it easy for company's to communicate internally with powerful functionality like the change log. It even makes your customer's job easier!

Show Difference in Change Log

Show Differences
Show Differences

Aside from our simplistic example, there are a couple more things to add about the change log in SAP Business One. Notice on the change log screen there is a button called "Show Difference" on the bottom right of the window. On a change log where there were changes made after the documents creation you can see a before and after picture of what was changed.

Click the "Show Difference" button and see a detailed list of changes with two columns, previous value and new value.

Also back at the main change log screen you can double click the row for an actual view of the document as it looked at that point in time!

Final Thoughts

The change log also works well to find out information about the changes of master data like business partners and items. If you ever have a question about it, just go somewhere in the client and check the Tools menu. If the change log is not grayed out you may use it there.

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