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Business Partner Properties in BP Master Data

Business partner properties are an excellent tool to customize your SAP Business One system. They are a set of 64 open ended yes/no fields for each Business Partner. Think about what this means for your business...You can set them up to further group your business partners for reporting purposes or you can track which Business Partners have received your marketing materials, like a product catalog!

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination in customizing your system. Let's get started!

Business Partner Properties Overview

Business Partner Properties
Business Partner Properties

When you first get into your SAP Business One system your properties start out as all undefined. Each business partner has their own set of 64 business partner properties. You can find them in the Business Partner Master data by navigating on the main menu to Business Partners -> Business Partner Master Data.

Go into or find any business partner in your system and simply click on the properties tab. You can scroll through the list and there are buttons to select all of the properties or clear them. This screen is where you set the business partner properties for each business partner. When you select a property by checking the box - this turns the property "On". Each business partner property is a yes/no or "boolean" field in the database. When it is not checked the value is "N" for no, and when it is checked the value is predictably "Y" for yes. Hover over a checkbox with your mouse to see what I'm talking about.

You can work setting the partners into your manual processes, control them with SAP Business One workflow, or automatically set them using the SDK. One of the most useful purposes of business partner properties is for reporting groups. Nearly all of the major pre-defined reports in SAP Business One have an option to select the report criteria using these properties. For an example take a look at the Customer Receivables Aging Report.

Defining Business Partner Properties

Defining Business Partner Properties
Defining Business Partner Properties

Setting up your business partner properties is easy. Navigate on the main menu to Administration -> Setup -> Business Partners -> Business Partner Properties. On this screen to define a business partner property all you have to do is name it! It will then show up with it's new name on the business partner sheet and in the database. Take a look at my screenshot where I'm setting up our properties to track regional sales territories North, South, East, West.

What will you setup with Business Partner Properties in your SAP Business One system? Please leave your comments below!

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