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Base Documents vs. Target Documents

Continuing our series on the relationship between marketing documents, we will be going over base documents and target documents. In this context of our relationships the base document is the marketing document that was copied from, and the target document is the marketing document that is being copied to. These are fields in the SAP Business One database that keep track of the relationships to build the relationship map and other functionality.

Base Documents

Base documents are the document that a marketing document was based upon. SAP Business One makes it very easy to see this relationship. You may use the relationship map by right clicking the document and selecting relationship map. There is database field called "base ref" which holds the document number of it's related document. You can add this to your document matrix by using "Form Settings" to add it. This is a automatically assigned field so you will not be able to change it.

Base Document...
Base Document Icon

The easiest way to bring up the base document while in a marketing document is to use the icon called "Base Document...". Without much fuss this icon will simple bring up in your client the document that your current document was based upon. If there is no base document this icon will not be active. It will show up gray and unclickable.

Target Documents

Target Document Icon
Target Document Icon

Target documents are the document that is based on a marketing document. For example, a delivery document that was based on a sales order. You may use the relationship map as well to see this graphically displayed. There is also a field you may add to the form table matrix using "Form Settings" called "Target Key".

Like the base document, an easy way to see the target document is to use the icon called "Target Document..." on the main icon bar of your SAP Business One client.

Final Thoughts

The base document and target document are building blocks of the overall relationships in SAP Business One. An idea for using these fields in all marketing documents is using them to create complicated reports. We use them in our business to customize the A/R invoice print outs to show a back order column based on the actual status of the document chain. The chain creates a great way to link documents in Crystal Reports and get information arranged in ways you'd otherwise not be able to do out of the box.

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