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B1SiteUser Password Reset and Recovery

During the installation of the SAP Business One server software you are asked to set a password for the B1SiteUser. The days become months and the months become years before you need to use these credentials and don't remember the password. Fear not! There is an easy solution to reset it!

Task Bar icon

Open up the "Service Manager" program from the start menu. The service manager starts minimized, so it may already be running. Check the notification area of your Windows taskbar for the blue and red icon. Double click the icon to bring up the settings window.

License Manager Settings
License Manager Settings

Select the "License Manager" from the dropdown in the second box from the top. You want to click the "Settings" button. Now we see the license manager's settings. Find the button on the bottom of the window called "Configure Security".

Resetting the B1SiteUser Password

This will bring you to a webpage on your server. There might be some issues with web browsing on your server depending on security settings. If there is an SSL error just bypass it.

Click the "forgot password" link and the website will show you the change password form. All you need to do is fill out the fields with the appropriate credentials. Database server name is the name of your SAP/database server, then type in a set of database credentials, and then your new B1SiteUser password twice.

Now you'll be able to use the B1SiteUser credentials elsewhere in setting up your SAP Business One server. Services like email scheduling and access to the Landscape Directory will require the B1SiteUser password. Remember there is no default password for the B1SiteUser because you set it during your first installation of SAP Business One.

If you get a free moment, I suggest you record this password in a password safe program so you don't need to reset it again!

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