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Adding a New Account in the Chart of Accounts

Adding a new account in the SAP Business One chart of accounts is super easy. There are a few things to know about this process and we're going to give you the low down right here. Let's get started!

Chart of Accounts
Chart of Accounts

To add a new account in the chart of accounts you navigate on the main menu to Financials -> Chart of Accounts. This will bring you into the chart of accounts window. Click on the drawer where you'd like to add your new account. If you are adding an account that deals with receivables then click the assets drawer, and so on. You have access to the entire chart of accounts right here on this window.

After you select the drawer you'll be working with, decide where you want your account to end up. Don't worry if you get this part wrong you can always change the order of the accounts later. If you select a "Title Account" like Receivables your new account will end up on the bottom of the list. If you select an already existing account it will be created directly under the account highlighted.

Simply highlight the account you'd like to use to create the new account and press the "Add" button on the icon menu. You can also press CTRL - A. Remembering you have to get into add mode is the trickiest part because it is not immediately noticeable.

Once you are in "Add" mode you can start filling out the details on your account. Type in the G/L account number, segments and name which is the only required information to add an account. After that is done, you can click the "Add" button on the bottom part of the window. Of course, there are a few more options you can set on your new account if you need such as:

  • Whether this account is a Control Account.
  • Whether this account is a Cash Account.
  • Whether this account accepts all currency.
  • Attaching the account to a project.

These further options merit a article by themselves so watch for that! As you can see, adding an account is easy in SAP Business One. Just remember that to add an account you need to be in add mode. Once you remember the rest is fairly easy to go though and get the new account added.

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