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Your Problem

Your business is growing and your current ERP system no longer meets your needs. You have identified SAP Business One as the solution to provide a scalable foundation on which you can continue growing.

The transition from your legacy system to SAP Business One is a challenge. Implementation, deployment, workflow optimization and system maintenance present no shortage of obstacles. The potential for SAP Business One to have a positive impact on your business is limited by your knowledge of the system. You need to make the software work for you. You need to be an expert.

Our Solution

Our goal is to increase your value. Whatever role you play at your organization, we will help you become an expert in SAP Business One. SBOhub’s continuous approach to learning is what drives our training.

Our growing catalog of SAP Business One video training tackles subjects from administration to reporting and all things between. Our knowledge base provides opinionated solutions to the problems that we encounter every day operating on SAP Business One. We believe that people are a company’s greatest asset. Make yourself a stronger asset and join us.

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Founding Story

Headshot of SBOhub’s Co-Founder John Dugan
John Dugan
Headshot of SBOhub’s Co-Founder Peter Canale
Peter Canale

The idea for SBOhub came to John Dugan in April of 2013 as he and Peter Canale were hard at work implementing SAP Business One at their company. Throughout the implementation, frustration over the lack of documentation and resources for SAP Business One presented an opportunity. Over the next 7 months, John spent nights and weekends sketching, coding and refining the solution that would become SBOhub. Once the MVP was ready, John showed SBOhub to Peter. Immediately, Peter was on board. Together, the two move forward with the goal of making SBOhub the best resource for learning, optimizing and growing your business on SAP Business One.

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