Video Training: Sales Opportunities Module

Helps the sales employees to manage their sales opportunities and enables you to analyze your sales information. It also includes opportunity forecast reports, won opportunities, an opportunities pipeline, and a dynamic display of sales stages.

Copy To vs Copy From Overview

There are two ways to base a document on a previous document, Copy to and Copy from. How and why you would choose to use these options are very different and this video will help you out.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Sales Oppotunities – Partner – Competitor Tabs

The competitor tab is where you keep track of who you may be up against in winning a sales deal. It can be useful to keep track of this information so everyone involved is on the same page.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Sales Opportunities – Potential Tab

The potential tab in sales opportunities is where you keep track of the potential size and quality of the deal. This tab will automatically change depending on what happens in the other tabs based on customizable calculations.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Golden Arrow Links

Golden arrow links are a useful feature to make your work more efficient. Anytime you are looking at a report or document each data item will have a golden arrow to drill down and see more granular information.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Creating a Marketing Document Draft

Drafts are an interesting function in SAP Business One. It allows you to create a document but not finalize it. This can be used to create an approval process or just save a document for later use without affecting much…

Posted by: Peter Canale