Video Training: Reports Module

Enables you to compile reports with corporate data and information in exactly the way you want to see it. This includes company internal evaluations, inventory reports, financial reports, and accounting data. In addition to the predefined reports, you can also define individual queries.

Business Partner Activity

Activities are central to sales opportunities and keeping track of the communications that occur in your business.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Business Partner Activity – Calendar Overview

The calendar is linked to marketing documents and can display the status of your technician's and sales people. If you have scheduling challenges in your business utilizing the calendar in SAP B1 might be worth a look.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Golden Arrow Links

Golden arrow links are a useful feature to make your work more efficient. Anytime you are looking at a report or document each data item will have a golden arrow to drill down and see more granular information.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Creating a Marketing Document Draft

Drafts are an interesting function in SAP Business One. It allows you to create a document but not finalize it. This can be used to create an approval process or just save a document for later use without affecting much…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Inventory Audit Report

Inventory audit report will allow you to see a complete picture of your inventory transactions. Very useful for financial reporting and tracking inventory problems.…

Posted by: Peter Canale