Video Training: Administration Module

Contains the basic system settings for currency exchange rates, system setup, and authorizations, as well as settings for online alerts, and data import/export functions.

Locate Exceptional Discount in Invoice Report

The exceptional discount in invoice report is a special report that comes with SAP and has some different functionality. We'll show you how to utilize this report.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Golden Arrow Links

Golden arrow links are a useful feature to make your work more efficient. Anytime you are looking at a report or document each data item will have a golden arrow to drill down and see more granular information.…

Posted by: Peter Canale

User Shortcuts Overview

Creating user shortcuts is a great feature that allows you to make custom keyboard shortcuts to bring up anything you choose in the system. Each user can have their own set of shortcuts depending on preferences or you can standardize…

Posted by: Peter Canale

Sales Employee and Commission Setup

Sales employees are central to setting up a commission structure. We will go over how to setup your company to track sales people commission.…

Posted by: Peter Canale