Knowledge Base: Reports Module

Enables you to compile reports with corporate data and information in exactly the way you want to see it. This includes company internal evaluations, inventory reports, financial reports, and accounting data. In addition to the predefined reports, you can also define individual queries.

Setting Up Alerts in SAP Business One

Alerts are a great way to keep people informed on important things happening within the SAP Business One system. Alerts are powered by saved SQL queries in the Query Manager. Good uses for alerts are sending daily reminder reports, data validation, or conditionals.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Exporting SAP Business One Data to Excel

As you can imagine, the ability to export data to Microsoft Excel directly from the SAP Business One client is a powerful tool. This can be used to get a good look at the data, run further summaries and calculations, and can even be used to import the data back into SAP B1 using the Data Transfer Wizard.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Purchase Request Marketing Document – Purchasing Process

The purchase request document in SAP Business One can be used as the preliminary step in the entire purchasing process. It allows users to initiate the purchasing process by submitting their needs.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Inventory Audit Report and Year End Closing SAP B1

Continuing our series on year end closing, comes the Inventory Audit Report. This report is designed to help you reconcile your yearly inventory transactions with the ending balance in your inventory G/L account balances. The inventory audit report will give you the total inventory value for the criteria you've selected.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Connecting to SAP Business One Database with Excel

Setting up Microsoft Excel to connect with SAP Business One databases is easy to setup and extremely powerful. Connecting with your SAP databases in Excel is a perfect way to build reports, prepare data transfer wizard templates, and quickly retrieve data.

Posted by: Peter Canale

Relationship Map Overview for Marketing Documents

The relationship map is a graphical display of the base document and target document tree, posting details, or the master data involved with the marketing document. It is useful for getting the whole picture of a process where you are starting with just one piece of information, like a sales order number.

Posted by: Peter Canale